Keep the wild Wild


Keep the wild Wild is a one-of-a-kind online boutique offering products which all feature my original artwork of wild animals.


 The designs of nature blow my mind: how unique and complex all the various life forms are; the way everything from weather to predators to microbes interacts to create balance, on all levels from microscopic to planetary.  Animals are not just sentient, but also all playing their parts in this dance of balance that comprises the miracle of Planet Earth. They need their wild spaces, free from us filming, hunting or studying them, or traipsing through their living rooms. I have faith that humanity will continue to create and innovate, includings ways for us to continue living so happily without denegrating nature, wild animals and their wild habitats.

Regularly feeling connected to the natural world is essential for our health - mind, body and soul. My intent is to serve up a bit of that connection to you each time you use and, hopefully, enjoy any of my products.

Thank you for visiting my store!

Jocelyn Whidden

Owner/Artist/Designer, Keep the wild Wild!