Keep the wild Wild is a one-of-a-kind online boutique offering products which all feature my original artwork of wild animals.


 I am in awe of the beauty and diversity of animals here on our wonderful planet, Earth. I strive to capture a bit of their intelligence, sensitivity and beauty with my art. To survive and thrive, wild animals need their space, their habitats. I'd love to see wild areas expanded and protected so that wild animals live full, wild lives. Sanctuaries and refuges are great but not as wonderful as wildlife living in their native habitats, free from the interference or impediments of our human agendas. Rather than domesticating cute wild animals to be our pets, or pillaging wild habitats, we should keep the Wild WILD. We are a most inventive species and can easily find ways to Keep the wild Wild if we decide to. 

My intent is to offer you a dose of wild animal enjoyment and appreciation every time you use one of my products.

Thank you for shopping with Keep the wild Wild!

Jocelyn Whidden

Owner/Artist/Designer, Keep the wild Wild